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    Welcome to The Law of Results.Everything in life demands results.You need results in your business,your job,your marriage,at school,at home and at college.
    to woo someone is to gain their favour.The B0s was a music golden age and pop musicians like Leo Sayer Wham,The Police,Spanday Ballet etc were wooing the entire world with nice catchy tunes and deep lyrics.The marketers of and businesses of the day would not be outdone and the 80s was a New Romantic age in more ways than one.You have to be a romantic to get results in business or at work.Marketers have what they call pull factors.You use radio,tv,newspapers,internet,billboards,magazines etc to get people to notice and like your products.The more romantic,the more creatice,the more you succeed.Some businesses earned thousands of dollars in the first week just by advertising their products in the newspaper.When you pull,really pull you get results.A man of peace and tact would win here.Get the entire law of results e-book that contains other parts and topics here

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